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  • Dumortierite - Tumbled - Spirit Gypsy
  • Dumortierite - Tumbled - Spirit Gypsy
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Spirit Gypsy

Dumortierite - Tumbled

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Dumortierite is known as the stone of communication. It is aligned with both the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. Dumortierite can activate intellectual and intuitive abilities, improving memory and helping you to develop patience and calmness. It is said to inspire precision, organization, and methodical thought patterns to help make sense of a circumstance. 

Dumortierite brings confidence and will-power while helping you to balance and regulate your emotions. It can be useful while trying to cope with panic and fear, which will in turn teach you to react appropriately in stressful situations. This crystal promotes a positive attitude with an open mind, and helps to build trust and have courage to take on the world, and tap into your highest potential. 

Dumortierite is very powerful and has many physical benefits. It is known to be helpful in healing headaches, hypersensitivity, epilepsy, upset stomach, inflammation all throughout the body, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. This crystal also is said to help ease stress, grief, feelings of nervousness, and depression. Carry Dumortierite with you daily or place it under your pillow while you sleep to receive the full benefits of this stone. 

Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Dumortierite:

△ Relaxation

△ Patience

△ Organization

△ Self discipline

△ Emotional regulation 



Small: 4g to 7g (0.5" to 1") in size.

Medium: 7g to 10g (1" to 1.75") in size.

Origin: Brazil

Chakra: Heart 

Please Note: Items may vary in size, weight, colour and appearance